Good Name Brand Clothes

There are a plethora of good name brand clothes to be found in stores and online today.  Name brand clothes are often also referred to as designer clothing or prestige brands and there are a host of designers and companies that offer name brand clothing.  Some of the most prestigious and popular name brands available are:

  • Adidas
  • Armani
  • Burberry
  • Calvin Klein
  • Chanel
  • Dolce and Gabbana
  • Gucci
  • Luis Vuitton
  • Lulu Lemon
  • Michael Kors
  • NIKE
  • Prada
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Under Armour
  • Versace
  • Yves Saint Laurent

These name brands along with dozens of others have the benefits of not only being incredibly recognizable, but also of having exemplary reputations and an incredibly strong brand loyalty among consumers.  Many of these name brands are synonymous with luxury and prestige and owning even one piece from their line can make the owner's confidence soar. 

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Should You Buy Name Brand Clothes?

Whether or not to buy good brand name clothes is a personal decision that each individual has to make.  One thing that is indisputable is that wearing good name brand clothes is more than likely to draw attention to the wearer.  Many of these name brands have signature styles that are highly recognizable or logos that most people are sure to know at a glance. Wearing name brands is commonly used as a social status symbol and many people use name brand clothing to create an image or perception about themselves. 

One of the main reasons people like buying name brand clothing is that it can provide you with peace of mind that you've made a good purchase, since these brands are well-known and regarded as high-quality products. Knowing you want to purchase name brand clothes can also be a time saver, since you only have to look at certain brands instead of a wide variety of generic or "off brands." 

Additionally, buying name brand clothes can serve as a discussion point for those who want the attention of wearing these pieces.

Are Name Brand Clothes Worth the Price?

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Some good name brand clothes are absolutely worth the price. The reason brand name clothes cost more is because they are frequently made with better quality materials than a generic brand. However, its also true that in some cases, the difference in quality between a name brand item and a generic item isn't as big as it might have been in the past. A strong argument can be made that because of the sheer fact that name brand clothes are not going to be as widely available as generic or off-label clothing, they are worth the higher price.  You are far less likely to show up to a party wearing the same Chanel outfit than you are to show up wearing the same outfit from a store like Forever 21 or Old Navy. 

For many people, the high price tag on name brand clothes doesn't justify the purchase, but at the same time, the quality and reliability of buying a name brand item is absolutely worth the price.

Many people who don't believe in buying name brand clothes will say that consumers can just as easily find an identical item for a fraction of the price of name brand clothing.  Again, this is very much an opinion-based topic, because someone who prefers buying name brand clothing will be able to vigorously argue why that generic item is not the same quality as its name brand counterpart.

Why Do People Spend Money on Name Brands?

Let's be honest, one of the main reasons that anyone purchases good name brand clothes is the social and economic status it portrays. Very often, these garments are going to draw attention because they are highly recognizable and sought after. They are also going to be very on trend and representative of what is fashionable from season to season. For anyone who likes to follow trends or wear the hottest fashions, it goes without saying that spending money on name brand clothing is going to be a priority.

Buying name brand products also makes many people feel like they know what they are getting and what to expect from the brand.  For example, if someone has worn Calvin Klein clothing for years, they will be very familiar with the fabrics, style and duration of time that their clothing will be wearable.  This same person may not feel comfortable buying an off-brand clothing item because they don't know how long that item of clothing will remain wearable.  

Name brands are also a way of connecting with other people and striking up conversations. If you see someone wearing a brand that you are fond of, it opens an avenue for a conversation, which is something you don't experience with generic clothing.

Save Money Buying Thrift Name Brand Clothes!

The good news is that you can enjoy purchasing good name brand clothes for lower prices.  Besides periodic sales or coupons offered by the brands, there are a variety of online and brick-and-mortar thrift stores that sell good name brand clothes for way less than the original designer price.  

There are thrift stores in pretty much every city and town and many of these stores specialize in selling name brand clothing.  While it is very likely to find good name brand clothes at any thrift store, it is definitely easier at high-end thrift stores.  When trying to locate name brand items at a typical thrift store, patience and time are the key to success. In order to hit the name brand jackpot at a thrift store, be willing to spend a decent amount of time in the store.  You'll want to go section by section and look at as many items as you possibly can.  Some will stand out by their style, particularly if you are familiar with the brand, but you'll also want to be willing to spend as much time as necessary looking at tags. 

If going to a store near you doesn't sound appealing, never fear! There are more and more online thrift stores popping up everyday. Here are a few sites where you can find designer clothing for less:

TrinityThrift - The first site we will recommend is of course our own. We always have great items at unbeatable prices. Take a look at our selection HERE!

Poshmark - This is a site where individuals post their new or used clothing and accessories for sale.  You can even search by name brand to find your favorite brands.  This site includes pictures of the item and you can usually find any size.  An added bonus here is that you are likely to find styles from seasons past, which can be impossible at the actual name brand stores and sites once a season is over.

eBay - This is the original auction site that inspired many more.  There are "stores" and individuals selling new and used name brand clothing on this site for deeply discounted prices.

ThredUp - This site has rapidly become one of the largest online retailers for pre-owned designer clothing.

Luxury Garage Sale - This is an online retailer offering name brand items.  This site even offers a pickup service for sellers in some cities.  They have a huge selection and even a clearance section.

In Conclusion:

Good name brand clothes are easy to come by if you want them bad enough, but they are not always super affordable.  Investing in name brand clothes can go a long way towards boosting your confidence and helping you look on trend and in fashion.  Buying and wearing name brand clothes is really a deeply personal fashion decision that every person has to decide for themselves. Happy shopping!